Trip to the Houston Zoo

I took my children to the Houston Zoo this past Friday. We have a membership and go several times a year, but they get just as excited every time we start to plan the trip. The drive from anywhere in the Northeast Houston area takes about 30 – 45 minutes depending on traffic and your particular location. Once you get to the Hermann Park area traffic can become a whole new time factor to when you actually get into the zoo. Currently there are major renovations taking place which are exciting and definitely something we are looking forward to seeing. The streets are something of a challenge while this is going on so pack your patience. Besides, what’s a road trip without hearing are we there yet?

I have been to a lot of zoos and the Houston Zoo is one of the good ones. The layout flows really well and even on a day when you can see that the crowds are bog you don’t really feel cramped. The zoo offers a wide variety of wildlife to view in very natural habitats and quite a few of the animals have been rescued from very bad situations. Just as with Hermann Park there are several new projects going on at the zoo and the biggest of those is the addition of Gorillas. The gorillas will make their debut in the summer of 2015, but several other projects will be unveiled before then.

houston zooIt seems like no matter how many times we go something new catches our eye. This time it was flamingos. A friend of mine likes to put pink flamingo lawn ornaments in peoples yards for their big birthdays. I couldn’t resist taking this one to show her. So every time you go it’s like a whole new world and that’s why the membership is a great thing to have. If you’re looking for a great little getaway from the Northeast Houston area I don’t think you can go wrong with the Houston Zoo.

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